Go From 1 to 3 Phase Electrical Power Easily

Converting Single Phase into Three Phase On Simple Motor Applications

What We Do

Unique from typical static converters, the Miniphase™ uses Kay Industries engineering knowledge, proprietary Phazpak™ Boost Start Capacitors, and other solid state reliable components in a durable, lightweight enclosure to create the highest quality design and performance 3PH static converter in the industry.

Single Motor Moderate Start & Run Requirements

Available for motor start loads of 1/4hp up to 10hp.

Ideal for:

  • Metal Working
  • Farm Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Saws
  • Presses
  • Wood Working
  • Conveyors
  • Air Compressors*

Best suited for non-continous loads.

Miniphase™ is NOT recommended for motor applications requiring 100% of the motor rated HP continuously. This problem can be solved on many applications by simply reducing the motor pulley size by at least 20 to 30%*.

Full load and multi-motor applications see Phasemaster® Rotary Phase Converters.

Affordable, Easy to Install, Durable, yet Lightweight.

From 8 lbs to 13 lbs depending on size needed for your application, the Miniphase™ is a lightweight, inexpensive way to operate light-duty 3PH machine tools from a 1 PH source.

Even better, the Miniphase™ static converter is so easy to install that … well, Geico already owns that tagline.

Miniphase static phase converter

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